29 Jun 2012

FFFWeek: Curves shopping day and Brand building

Day two of FFFWeek was a massive day! It started early with the Curves in the City shopping day, where the main hall of the Affinia Manhattan was made up into our own private brand boutique!

We spent several hours perusing all the goodies and I picked up a few amazing bargains- most notably a rocking necklace from the Queen Grace collection, which I wore later that night. 

It was also the first time I met Anslee- the designer behind Savannah Red. She is so amazing! I didn't get a picture of her collection at the Curvy Sale, but I can't wait to share her pieces from the Indie Designs Runway show!

I ADORED this rainbow sequin dress by Pop Up Plus, I wanted it sooooo much, but it was still a little out of my price range. Damn traveller budget! (I love the image of my clothes in the backround! Just stripped off lol!)

I dressed comfy-like mostly so I could easily slip in and out of the designer samples (..... not just because I was epically hung over from the White Cruise *cough*), but loved wearing this geometric print tee that I picked in LA from Thick Chic Boutique

Blouse: Thick Chick Boutique
Skirt: Torrid
Tights: BigW

It was also so awesome to meet the Evans team! These ladies are so approachable and friendly, I'm sure they made some American fans just because they were so rad! Cool story though, when we were in the UK at Christmas time, I tweeted at Evans asking where the nearest store was to me and it was these two that replied! They even remembered the tweet!

That afternoon we headed to the Building Your Brand workshop- an event I thoroughly enjoyed!

Hosted by Marie Denee, the panel really approached the building your brand concept from all angles. The speakers were from varied backgrounds- designer Marina, from Queen Grace, Alissa, blogger from Stylish Curves and Madeline, editor from Plus Model Magazine, so it was awesome to hear their diffrent tools and tips. 

 Marina, Alissa and Madeline

Blazer: Forever 21+
Lace Tank: Forever 21+
Skirt: City Chic
Tights: We Love Colors
Necklace: Ashley Stewart

I dressed in a kind of preppy-chic style for this event. I am totally in love with blazers (I brought three on this trip), they add instant structure to an outfit. This skirt is one of my old favourites from City Chic, it has such an awesome shape and is easily dressed up or down. 

The rocking necklace was one of many I picked up on sale at Ashley Stewart. The geometric design is so awesome really added to the dressy-ness of the top. What do you think of the necklace????

Oh, and as a last thing- branded cupcakes- OMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!


  1. love your outfits. looks like you had an awesome time!


  2. All your outfits are so cute! And I love the new blog design :)

  3. I love the sparkly dress that you tried on, so cute.

  4. Love your last outfit!The necklace is amazing!


  5. First, you look so good in geo prints and I love love love that blouse! Second, I am a blazer hog too! I have one that looks just like your stripped one that I got from Torrid. Aren't blazers the best? Also love the necklace!! Beautiful!

  6. Love love that necklace, its gorgeous. Been following your USA adventure on Instagram and it looks like you're having so much fun! I can't wait to do that one day. And oh yeah congratulations on getting engaged...hadn't had the chance to say it yet ;). Wish you all the best :) xx


  7. I love that black & white outfit! I wouldn't have thought of combining lace & the stripes --- but it looks fantastic!

  8. fabulous post! and love the new look for ur site. ^^d fantastic!
    as always, you look gorgeous luv. ^^d

  9. Looks like tons of fun! So wish I could've attended this year. You look great!

  10. More gorgeous everytime, my dear friend. I love you in that rainbow sequin dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Let´s go shopping together!!!

    1. yes!!! I would love to go shopping with you!! You find some amazing pieces! xx

  11. Yum the cupcakes! :)

    Really like that necklace on you, great purchase! Shame about the sequin dress - looks fab on you, but travel budgets don't always anticipate beautiful sparkly dresses, hehe!


  12. You look lovely in that sequin dress, shame about the price! And I love that stripe blazer on you with the necklace. Looks like you had a great time xx

  13. Lovely outfit as ever, topped off by that wonderful necklace. xoxo

  14. that necklace is so gorgeous!!!! i love the fierceness of it!


  15. Looks like you had a great time!! I would have gone crazy looking at all the jewelry alone!

  16. You look like you're having such an amazing time!! That necklace is super awesome


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