1 Jun 2012

We Love Colors Free Aussie Shipping!!!

I think anyone who has been here more than a few times knows about my absolute LOVE of We Love Colors. In fact, their awesome stockings are sooooo comfy that I wear them in most of my outfits!

I know lots of international bloggers already bask in WLC fabulousness, but it's time us Aussie's (and NZ-ers!) get in on the magic! Well, from now until the end of August- We Love Colors have free shipping to Australia and New Zealand for orders over $50!!! Awesome!!!

So jump on it and show me your We Love Colors outfits!!! :)


  1. Ohh exciting - I'm just having a quiet night in, perhaps I shall check out their website as I do love me a good pair of tights;)

    1. Funny story- I thought of you the minute I posted this!!! Xx

  2. Ahhh nooo don't tell me that! Had a relatively successful shopping ban, now this!? haha

    I am not one for the extravagant colours at all I might find some plainer coloured tights instead.
    I'll be forgiven for that :P


  3. I adore We Love Colors, I recently bought a pair of their red fishnets and regular black tights, I haven't worn them out yet (too hot) but I can't wait to start wearing them.


  4. i love the pink and purple tights they look great on you ! xx

  5. I got my first pairs last week :), and I love them.

  6. I really want to try them in every colour! I've been eyeing them up since last Winter.

  7. I have always wanted to try them ... but I worry they wont fit. Would you say that they fit true to size??

    <3 Marisa


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