2 Jun 2012

In my handbag

I always feel a little naked when I head out without my handbag. I like the security of knowing that everything I need is right there at my hip. I decided to do a little handbag post to show you what I carry aroud everyday- I'd love to see your handbags!!

This handbag is my 'main handbag'. Like most of us, I have several that I use on high rotation, then a few for special occasions- but this is my number one! Usually I am headed out with this one when shopping or on everyday errands- and it's always the one I take to work. The bag is from Ruby and Kit, a brand which is stocked in eQuip stores around Australia. I adore this bag because it's got a waist length chain- I love being able to sling it over my shoulders and leave my hands free for shopping! It's also got a super cute retro clasp and leopard print liner. And- lots of handy pockets inside!

- So first things first- my iPhone! Can I ever leave home without it??? I don't think so! ;)

- I like to think I travel relatively light. I keep my wallet small so I can grab it quickly to chuck into other bags (most notably a good size for dressy clutches!). This little Oroton wallet is the perfect size- fits my ID, credit and debit cards plus some cash. All without the clutter!

- I am a sucker for a floral perfume- I live for the Britney Spears Fantasy! It has a fantastic lingering yet not overpowering girly scent which I get compliments on all the time! I always have a spare bottle in my handbag for touch-ups, especially at work!

- A little pocket mirror is super handy when out on the town- this pink little one even has a spiffy LED light inside!

- Whatever sunnies I am wearing at the time are always on the top of the pile. This cute little pair are from Dotti.

- My networking cards! I was super excited to get my new cards last week! I always have a little stash with me to hand out!

- Being a nurse I always carry a few pens around with me. The purple one is a branded one from my sister's company and the pink one is from the Stylus Shop. It has a pen on one end and a stylus on the other end- and it works with my 3DS, my iPhone and Ben's android phone!

- Being stuck in the car or in the recycled air at work, my skin dries out really easily. I carry a little bottle of Kosmea Rosewater for on-the go hydration.

- I never leave home without tissues. On the rare occasion I can't fit them in my bag I always end up desperately needing them! Kleenex Slim Wallet Packs are small enough to fit into all my bags and have cute designs to boot!

- OMG you know that awful feeling being out with a flat phone battery! Gargh!!! I swear by carrying a spare charge cord now!

- I looooovvveee Maybelline Baby Lips chap-stick! It's moisturising and protecting AND SPF 20!

- Eyeliner is my number one beauty routine. Revlon ColourStay Eyeliner is the best eyeliner I've ever used- it stays on allll day and the other end of the pencil has a hidden sharpener!

- And of course I need my keys and a spare hair elastic and bobby pins in case I want to change my style during the day!

Phew! Maybe I don't travel quite as light as I thought???!?
What's in your handbag????? 


  1. You look so cute :)

    So nice seeing everything you carry in your bag :) It's really interesting to see what people carry :) I have a few videos showing what I have inside my bags - I move everything around into whichever bag I'm carrying each day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFGrus8VBic I need to update it though, I've changed a few things.


  2. i love having a nosey at whats in peoples bags, mine is always flu of receipts! i love the dress super cute xx

  3. I love being nosy and finding out what people have in their bags. Not sure why, but I find it interesting! Your bag is gorgeous- love the lining detail. I was surprised by how nice the Britney perfumes are. I used to have the blue one. What I carry depends on the size of the bag but I always have my phone, purse, ipod, lipbalm, mirror, spare glasses and contacts case just in case!

  4. oooo i love looking into other people`s purses...hihihi
    well..not without their permission of course XD
    it`s amazing how much stuff ladies can carry in tiny baggies isn`t it!
    tho i think yours is very neat ^^d mine is such a mess XD
    i have to do a similar post sometime ^^
    thankies for sharing ^^V love the maybelline baby lips too!!! <3
    can`t get enough and collecting all of them XD
    ps. you look totally adorable in the piccie <3 love the dress!

  5. Oh trust me you travel light. I can never find anything in purse yet I don't even know what I carry in it. So cool meeting a fellow nurse. The one thing I can always find in my purse is an array of pens. Such a nurse thing :)!

  6. So many things, we need all of these :). And that dress is amazing, I love it.

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  7. I love post like these. I think I might do an update one on my blog this week.

  8. the dress is cute.
    look gorgeous :-)


  9. You look so cute!
    Love that dress:)


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