7 Jul 2015

My favourite: chambry and denim

I'm a big fan of denim. Maybe not as much as Suger, but I would definitely say I'm a fan. Finding the perfect pair of jeans can revolutionize your wardrobe- they pretty much go with everything and can be dressed up or down with ease. Hunting down that elusive pair that sits right, fades right and is still comfy was always my yearly goal. But to be honest, I'm not really a pants fan. Of course I love my jeans, but there are so many other denim pieces that can give your outfit that same killer-chic vibe.

My favourite: denim and chambry

So first off lets start with the basics: denim shorts, a skater skirt and a classic denim shirt. These three simple pieces are a game changer. I love this sleeveless, spotted shirt, you can tie it into a crop to wear with midi-skirts or even style it up with some darker denim. Playsuits and jumpsuits are everywhere lately and this 17 Sundays boiler suit is the top of my lust list! The fit, the cut! It's divine!

The faded romper from Yours Clothing is another one of my must have pieces. I saw Tess Holliday modeling this a few months before it was released and I fell for it straight away! I can see this piece at the beach, out for lunch or dressed up with some tights and a jacket for drinks on the town! 

If you're new to denim or don't want to go for a full chambray look, there are funky little accessories around too. A bag, a hat, denim belt or shoes; any of these will blend seamlessly into an outfit. Or better yet, break up the denim with another detail like NYATA's sequin Shifty Thing- denim and sequins, yes please!

denim and chambry (shorts)
L -R: elbow patch jumper, romper, shift dress, t-shirt dress, denim joggers

The most import at thing about denim is comfort. Easy wear t-shirt dresses, elbow patches and slouchy joggers, these are comfort to me! Somewhere in your wardrobe, you must have a denim dress. An easily thrown on shift dress, your favourite shoes add a necklace and bang- instant denim chic!

chambry, denim and shoes

I love darker denim most of all. Deep navy and rich blues give any outfit that dressed up feel. Even denim shorts can look dressy in a darker wash. I own one of the Hope and Harvest denim zip off jackets and I wear it all the time. When I'm not wearing it, it's because someone has borrowed it! 

Long sleeveless vests are having a massive comeback and this ASOS version is just perfect! Throw it over a dress, mini skirt or leggings for an easy layered look.  

How do you wear denim? 

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  1. HA! I see now. Thanks for the mention lady, I do love a good denim/chambray add, and thanks for the shopping list. I'll take one of each thanks. ;)


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