4 Aug 2015

OOTD: everyday style

Last Sunday we went to a superhero themed 3rd birthday party. Ben and I had dug some old costumes out from under the house and, seeing as we were driving to the other side of town anyway, packed some skivvies to wear out for lunch later on. So this post isn't about dressing up for something special, its about an everyday kinda look. Reading back over a lot of my blog posts, I realized I'm only posting the special ones and losing the normal ones. Here is the point where I want to make promises about posting more, but.. *oh! squirrel!* 

Top and Jacket: BooHoo Plus
Skirt: ASOS Curve
Leggings: Kmart
Clutch: New Look
Necklace: H&M
Sunnies: Cosmetics Inc.

The leggings I was already wearing under my (short!) Supergirl costume and the jersey mini-skirt over the top is my new favourite thing to wear. Its basically undies on the outside. We wear undies to cover our crotch and undies on the outside (/jersey skirt) to cover the shape of our covered crotch. Try saying that ten times in a row. Anyway, I feel a little less naked when I wear one over my leggings.

The polka-dot tank and the grey cardi are both BooHoo bargains. Each piece is going to set you back $16! And I've lived in them the last six weeks or so. Seriously. I picked this outfit up from a pile of clean washing by the door.  And around it goes again!

And of course these shoes. These heavenly, wide fit, strappy sandal wonders! I love that you can get New Look wide fit shoes at ASOS. These babies went on sale for $30 and a hot second later I'd snapped them up! Its taken a few wears to get them sitting right, but the break-in has been worth it for a comfy extra two inches!

What do you wear on an ordinary day?


  1. Cute outfit Liv - love the poka dots xo

  2. Such a cute outfit, I love your casual style!

  3. I thinks this is outfit is still pretty dressed up, even if it's not for a special occasion per se. You totally should of posted pics of the super hero costumes.


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