1 Jul 2015

OOTD: Playsuit

I have a love-hate relationship with play suits. Admittedly much more love than hate. I actually I adore them, but finding the right type to suit my body shape is where the feelings get less than friendly. I have a long torso, round mid-section and wide thighs, as such, I often find that play-suits sit awkwardly on me. I saw this Yours Clothing floral playsuit in a Summer teaser and it looked like it would suit my shape perfectly. It stuck in my memory so long, that when the team asked me if anything took my fancy, I jumped at the chance of giving this cute piece a go!

Playsuit, stockings and jacket: c/o Yours Clothing
Clutch and necklace: Colette

Firstly, let my start by addressing this photo of my shoes. See those toes? Oh yes. My stockings are inside out. As comfy as these tights are, toe stitching drives me up the wall!  I find that the higher the denier, the tougher the toe stitching is, but I figure its worth it for the deep black colouring and the confidence of knowing you can't see my undies through them! Inside out stockings can be our little secret! ;)

As you can see by the photos, the suit did not disappoint! It really is perfect! I'm wearing a UK size 24-26 here (AUS size 22-24) and the elastic middle-band sits right on my natural waist. I love the deep neckline and eye-catching print. I always feel most comfortable in outfits that draw a lot of attention, crazy but true. The shorts have a very subtle flare which gives them an awesome flow and movement when walking.

I often wear play-suits as a casual item, so I thought I'd change things up a bit and make this an evening outfit. We went out for drinks with some of my girlfriends last weekend and I added the jacket and stockings for a more dressy feel. This waterfall leather jacket (size 22) really toughens up the look without being too structured and it kept the night chill away. How cool are the gold zips and zip pulls, little details like this make it so much more than just an ordinary throw on jacket. I kept the gold accents going by accessorizing (bagarizing?) with this large, metallic clutch' its my go to piece for upping the glam!

What do you think of play-suits??


  1. Some rompers/playsuits can be just as sexy and appealing as mini dresses. Some even can be versatile enough to enjoy as night wear. I don't necessarily think this romper is necessarily a great night one, but it is very nice. Interesting sandals you're wearing with this romper. I almost forgot that it's Winter in Australia as of this post, so I almost questioned the tights. Anyhow... I have few complaints about rompers except for those who complain about them not being practical for using the bathroom or something (a common complaint). Well styled you are here.


  2. Sooo good! Now I want to go pull those shoes out of storage! I love playsuits, my fave one is actually a Yours one too!

  3. I love the accessories! Very cute clutch and necklace

  4. You look amazing! I'm loving the playsuit and those shoes are gorgeous! xx

  5. haha i do the same thing with my thick tights! seams ARGH! love this outfit and the colour in them shoes is out of this world cool!

  6. haha i do the same thing with my thick tights! seams ARGH! love this outfit and the colour in them shoes is out of this world cool!

  7. Oooo love this one lady! Such a great print. Makes me wish it was summer again already. Le sigh.

  8. You look SO good! The playsuit is amazing and those shoes are virtual porn, they're so good! ;) I can't wear playsuits because I get crotch creep. My thighs are so sizeable they chew fabric up and before long I have miles of fabric under my falula and no legs on my playsuit. So not attractive, hah! xx


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