1 Jan 2015

OOTD: Cookies and a dinosaur

Happy New Year team! My goodness, 2014 felt like it flew past. This was a relatively quiet festive season for us, lots of relaxed family time and much lazing about at home avoiding the heat! Fashion wise, I've been reaching for equally cool and comfortable clothing. I've also become a bit of a midi skirt lover, a length I've only just started to embrace.

Skirt and crop: Missguided +
Bag: Modcloth
Shoes: Betts
Necklace: Bought at Supernova

I feel like midi skirts are my now my Summer jeans. That item of clothing I leave lying about because I know I'll wear it again tomorrow. Its comfortable and goes with everything. Yes, my Summer jeans outfit equivalent is midi skirts!

This particular killer set is from Missguided Plus. They have some really cute matching crop and midi skirt prints. And its even more rad because its a new plus range from a straight size store. And nailing it. Its awesome that they kept the edge to the collection when expanding their sizes. Its so fantastic to have more affordable and fast fashion styles available in my size. 

How cool is this Butter Cookies bag?! With that and my roaring dinosaur necklace, I faced the shops for the last of my Christmas buying. I swear I kept thinking I was done and then I'd remember something else we needed and have to run back to the shops again. And then end up getting stuck there for hours because of the crowds and the sales. When its days like that, you need cookies, a midiskirt and a dinosaur to get you through.

How do you feel about midi-skirts??
What do you think of the crop trend?


  1. Your two piece is absolutely adorable!

  2. You look absolutely amazing!xx

  3. You look great. I'm a huge fan of the midi skirt (and midi dress) - so easy, especially in summer. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

  4. Oh Wow. That bag. And that necklace. SO GOOD. I'm also a fan of the mid length skirt, I'm a little obsessed with mid length recycled sari wrap skirts from Tree of Life at the moment...

  5. I really love this look Liv! I've been wanting to make a something similar to this for a while (don't I ALWAYS say that!) but I'm not sure it's really warm enough in Wellington - perhaps for my next overseas jaunt. Also I LOVE that cookie bag and agree - you need cookies (or some kind of sweet treat) to be able to face the Christmas crowds xoxo

  6. I am in-love with crop tops --- and I am apple-shaped. :D I still muster courage every time I attempt to wear one. I see people look at my round tummy peeking through (even though I usually wore high waist bottom with it), but I try not to care.

    That said, you rock this outfit. SUPER LOVE!


  7. I really like this combination :)

  8. I do love a good midi skirt! I love the matching set of this and with a crop top! Perfection! I kind of want ALL THE PRINTS in sets like this! Love that necklace and how cute is that bag!?

  9. I think midi length is pretty perfect... but I really like your dinosaur necklace! ;)



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