10 Jan 2015


I remember the first time I saw MYNT1792, we were in New York City for Full Figured Fashion Week. It was 2012 and I was just starting to feel like a  'grown up' blogger. I also thought I had a pretty good idea about my own style and favourite plus-size brands. Well this trip certainly made me widen my fashion scope!

I met some of the MYNT1792 team at a shopping event, early in the FFFW schedule. It was awesome chatting to them and hearing about their ideas for the label. There was also a few gorgeous samples on hand for us to try out and see their quality.

A few days later, MYNT1792 was under the lights at the Indie Designs Catwalk. It was also the first night I'd seen a plus-size runway. It was awesome! I sat wide eyed the entire night, watching all the pretty designs (that I could get in MY SIZE!) go by. Liberating and eye-opening.

 Wearing: Fabienne Blouse

 Wearing: Nicole Skirt

Fast forward two years and MYNT are launching their brand into the international market with the #MYNTheartsAU campaign and an Aussie shopping site! When Suger told me they were keen to work together on a post, I pretty much jumped down the phone in excitement! I could still remember the way their collection stood out to me on the runway. Em, Sugs and I got together and picked some of our favourite pieces from the new range, and had a girly, fashiony morning!

As always, it got a bit silly, but in some ways I think that makes the photos even better! I loved the way Suger styled up the Veronica Skirt, every-time I see her work OOTD photos on Instagram, I long for a job where I can wear fabulous corporate wear. I can see Suger wearing this from office to dinner and still looking like a rockstar.

I love Em's funky style. She makes the cut of her skirt look flirty and playful.
I couldn't resist the structured look of the Fabienne Blouse. I wore it with this floaty skirt to balance out its lines. I rolled up the sleeves for a cooler feel, but its size 4X cut fit my torso perfectly.

Wearing: Rene Skirt and Lillian Top

Wearing: Damaris Sheath Dress

The minute I saw this tan and black sheath dress, I instantly imagined it with big gold accessories. It had my name all over it! Emma rocks a pencil skirt cut and I love how she lightly tucked in the Lillian Top to create such a chic silhouette. I'm putting me name on the top of the 'next to borrow list' for Suger's Diana Wrap Dress. Its such a wicked mix of colours and a heavy silk feeling to it.  I didn't realise how much I loved it until I saw her wearing it!
 Wearing: Diana Tie Dress

So what's even cooler that a couple of lady babes dressed up in fabulousness? The fact its all currently 40% off! Yep, killer deals to be had team!

Which outfit do you like best??


  1. You look great in that maxi skirt =)

  2. Ok I want to get in on one of these photo shoots - you girls are having SO much fun! I love that two tone sheath dress - its just so striking!

  3. damn ladys you´re rocking it! amazing pictures :) love the black&tan dress

  4. You ladies are soooo cute!!!


  5. You all look amazing! That Damaris sheath dress reminds me of something similar my mum had back in the day - and that's totally a good thing. I love it! xx

  6. You girls are rocking it!! Cute photos and thanks for the visit.

  7. You ladies look fabulous in all of it, but hands down my favorites have to be the tie dress and the sheet dress, they are killer.

  8. Hello there in the so gorgeous Australia,Ciao-H LIV...this's a nice post,so lovely photos full of colours and You all look so charming...so Chic...so Fabolous...Great style of Yours!
    and Your smile is so amazing!
    ciao from Italy

  9. Some really beautiful shots here! MYNT are lucky to have you fab ladies rep their brand!! H

  10. Girls power ! All of you look divine - I can't take my eyes of you ! So vital and truly beautiful :) Olivia, I love the most your look in Damaris Sheath Dress - you look gorgeous and I'm in love with this necklace ! Best wishes from Poland ! :)))

  11. The tie-dye dress is such a beauty.

  12. Looks like you were having a ball. Love all looks.

  13. These photo are fabulous! You ladies look fierce! I've admired Mynt1792 for quite some time and picked up their pink moto jacket last winter. I love seeing you ladies model their newer pieces because you've styled them in such fun, everyday ways. I've noticed that a lot of their more recent offerings are stylish office options which don't really work with my current lifestyle. But your breezy outfit with the black and white maxi skirt is something I'd totally wear! Gorgeous!

    <3 Liz

  14. Man, 2012 seems like a lifetime ago somehow! Great outfits, you are such stylish babes.

  15. You all look awesome!! *__*


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