21 Dec 2014

OOTD: Cool without trying

When I visited Ben in China while he was there for work, I saw a handful of women wearing these super cute reindeer antler hats. I pretty much turned Shanghai upside down trying to find one for myself (unsuccessfully I might add), and Ben, being the kickass husband that he is, said he would try his hardest to bring one home for me. In fact, he almost missed his plane doing a last minute dash around the shops for one of these bloody hats. He came home empty handed, I was bummed about it but life went on. And then, a magical parcel arrived in the post on Thursday night. As it turned out, he and one of his Chinese work colleagues had been secret-squirreling the last few weeks to get me one. And its has barely been off my head all weekend!

Jacket: c/o 17 Sundays
Leggings: Kmart
Flats: Rubi
Hat: China
Necklace: ASOS
Lipstick: Limecrime

How totally awesome is this 17 Sundays kimono jacket?! Funny story about this top, Suger had come over for a sleep over and packed a bunch of the new 17 stock for me to try on and sigh over. I fell instantly in love with the slouchy and relaxed cut of this jacket, I love that its not trying to be boho or hipster, its just an inherently cool item of clothing in its own right. Its such a new and rad cut, so different to any of the current patterned and printed lightweight kimonos around. And apparently I fawned over it so much that Sug and the 17 crew decided I could keep it! Gems that they are!

I wore this outfit out last night for end of year drinks with some of Ben's work buddies. I felt cool and chic the entire night, there is something about this rocking jacket that just gives off that rad vibe. Plus, with a killer hat like this and my cute 'Got Milk' bag, it pretty much makes for coolness without trying. 


  1. You are tooooo cute! I don't blame you for searching for that hat, it is awesome! I'm glad you got one in the end, your hubby = awesome! I've been eyeing that jacket, it just looks so lightweight and comfy, plus the colours! LOVE!

  2. Love the hat, and the colours of that kimono! Saw a dress with similar colours in Valley Girl (I think) but the cut was way too daring for me.

    Your milk bag is super adorbs. <3


  3. This outfit is TOTALLY winning! That hat is amazeballs. x x x

  4. That hat is totally worth all the effort - I love it!

  5. I love this outfit on you and the hat is awesome! xxx

  6. you are just oodles of adorableness! As is that hat!!



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