20 Apr 2014

OOTD: Almost Chanel

Hope you all had a totally spoiled and indulgent long Easter weekend! I love that with holidays comes family meetups, parties, shenanigans and of course- plenty of excuses to get dressed up! On Friday afternoon Ben and I met up with some of his mates in town and it was just that little bit cool out, perfect for my new vintage-Chanel look jacket!

Jacket: c/o BooHoo plus size 
Top: City Chic
Skirt: Cut for Evans
Shoes: Target
Mini Bag: Furla
Sunnies: Thrifted 1970's awesomeness

I've come to the conclusion that I don't wear enough weight. I'm not going to lie, I can still hear some of that 'fat-girls-don't-look-good-in-white' stigma in my head. Stupid but true. But this BooHoo jacket has changed me! I felt classic, feminine and sexy wearing this beauty. I adore the contrast trim and structured styling, it really is so very retro Chanel!

I can't resist a shoe sale and sad but true, these shoes are too big. I picked them up for some ridiculous bargain price at Target, telling myself I'll just tighten them up and it will all be fine. But no, after an hour in them my feet were flopping around stupidly and I was kicking myself for giving into their gorgeousness. They have such a cute little heel that is (normally, you know, when you buy the right size) easy to wear. But alas, they did end up in my hand rather than on my feet pretty quickly. But damn they look pretty!


  1. Original comme tenue formes et couleurs et je trouve que les formes de la jupe et du top te mettent vraiment en valeur.

    Bon w end de Paques ;o)

  2. Very sophisticated look! You look great and I love the jacket - too bad about your shoes though. I'm sure your must have a friend you can pass them onto (who will be ever so grateful I'm sure!)

  3. You look very Jackie O in that jacket! Love it. x x

  4. You look amazing! I especially love that jacket on you! xx

  5. Love the bag and the skirt. I can't get enough of color!



  6. I'm a big fan of that jacket... and the skirt is awesome :)

  7. Haha I have done the same either too small or too big and yes it generally does not work, and love that littel bag perfect for Easter and channeling your inner five year old!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  8. Love it! So lady like and playful at the same time. Brava!


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