5 Apr 2014

Curvy Couture Roadshow: Runway Two

Back for more? Awesome! Runway two was my favourite because I already feel emotionally involved and quite attached to the brands. Its amazing seeing a company begin as an idea and then flourish into this amazing influence. I remember one of the designers from 17 Sundays said how awesome she feels when she sees someone out and about, randomly wearing her brand. Its silly, but I feel the same! When I see a babe proudly rocking her Harlow, 17, Embody Denim or Christina K, I want to go over and tell her how totally rad I think she is! So, to say I was excited about this line-up would be an understatement!

17 Sundays

17 Sundays exploded onto the runway and captured the crowd with their rock and roll vibe. 17 speak straight to my grungey core- cut-outs, leather look pieces and oversized tees baby! These guys SMASHED IT! I actually ended up wearing this rocking jacket as part of my outfit on the day and seriously, the amount of compliments I got on it was crazy!


I was super excited to see Harlow on the runway. They have some really gorgeous and versatile pieces and, as you can see from the photos, they are absolutely rocking! I love the long-line tops and the sheer panels. They have a really feminine-rock feel to them even with florals and wrap dresses- love!

Embody Denim

To have a brand that is dedicated to amazing plus-size denim, rocks my world. I've said it before, but having the perfect fitting denim is like wardrobe magic. Embody Denim kicked it off with the gorgeous Laura Wells smokin' up the runway and I could hear the collective sigh of awesome from around the room. It was a bit disappointing to see they chose models different from everyone else's runway, but nonetheless, amazing clothes!

Christine Kardashian

I love Christine Kardashian. Seriously. These flowy and yet sophisticated cuts are pure glamour. Unfortunately, as an in-betweeny brand catering to sizes 12-18, nothing fits me. I'd kill to get into those jackets and cape sleeve blouses. And I told Christine the same! Hopefully she expands her collection in the future and until then, I'll dream. 

Next up runway three!
Who is your favourite so far?


  1. j aime certaines choses chez chacun des 3 soit impossible de choisir,une chose est sur les mannequins sont magnifiques !

    bon w end ;o)

  2. Great post Olivia, it was so fabulous to finally meet you :-)

  3. So in love with those rockin' denim styles! Want want want!


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