4 Apr 2014

Curvy Couture Roadshow: The Runway Show One

The Curvy Couture Roadshow on the weekend absolutely blew my mind. I knew that Aussie plus-fashion was up and coming, but to see the brands all together like that, and the Bella Models strutting on the runway wowing the crowd, I was awe-inspired. Not only are there amazing things happening in the Aussie plus-size world, we are fast becoming a fashion-force to be reckoned with! I roomed in with Suger and my bestie Em for the weekend and we hit up all the events together. I've got an awesome series of posts up my sleeve for you, but to start, I figure lets begin where the magic happened- the runways!

The runways were split into four separate shows with a break in between. The break gave us some great time to mingle, debrief and chat about the designs we had all just seen. Plus they gave me a chance to stretch all my muscles out again- there is nothing worse than butt cramps! The first of the four runways was beachwear and contemporary fashions, featuring Robyn Lawley Swimwear, Beyond the Sea Swimwear, Meri by Design and Lucabella. I had some technical difficulties with my camera but I snapped away as much as I could. These are some of my favourite shots:

Robyn Lawley Swimwear

First cab off of the rank and I am fumbling with my camera settings to adjust for the lighting. So I only managed to get this one shot of Robyn Lawley's collection- one of the major sponsors of the day. Bummer. But on the plus-side, its one killer shot! Robyn's range of swimwear feature some super cute florals, runching details and luxury inspired cuts, its easy to see these pieces transition between beach and bar!

Beyond the Sea Swimwear

I loooovveed the gorgeous vintage styling of Beyond the Sea Swimwear! And can I just hear a 'HELL YES!' from all the big-boobied babes out there to have swimwear like this- with.an.underwire! HELLLL YESSS!! Seeing these seriously cute designs made me long for sweet Summer afternoons on the beach with a cocktail in hand! Bliss!
Meri by Design

Meri by Design came out with a bang on the runway. I adored their luxurious look, with furs and silk it was pure indulgent fashion. There was almost a 1920s vibe to their runway, a vouge you normally, rarely see done well in plus-size. I was so impressed with the look of their collection that I checked out their pop-op shop between shows and tried on a few pieces myself. Albeit out of my price range, when I slipped into one of those fur jackets, I felt sexy and spoiled. When fashion can make you feel like that, you know you're on to a winner!

Lucabella has been on my radar for a while now, but seeing them on the runway gave me the kick I needed to give this brand more attention. Designed in New Zealand, the pieces are definitely catered more for their colder weather, but I can see parts of the outfits integrating well into my wardrobe. I quite liked the print pants and sheer detailing, plus I'm always a bit of a sucker for a tunic. With a casual vibe and easy to wear styling, I can see how Lucabella is going to become a firm favourite for some Aussie babes

First of four runways team! Stay tuned for more!

What's your favourite outfit pictured so far? 


  1. love these outfits! nice to see outfits for bigger women that look nice!

  2. Absolutely love that people are finally opening their eyes. So glad to see this in Australia, hoping that people wake up here in India too. I mean, if I wore something like that and stepped out, I’d not only get stares, but also glares.


  3. HELL YES to the underwire!! It was such an amazing day. Bummed I didn't get to meet you, but definitely next time! :)



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