24 Mar 2014

OOTD: Florals and yellow hurrah!

So, I'm not going to rant your ear off about how much I love eShakti (which is crazy amounts!). I will however point you in the direction of where I've totally fan-girl-ed about them before - here, here and here! But seriously, with everything available in sizes 0 to 36, fully customizable, vintage styling, amazing prints and loads of different fabrics... what's not to rave about!? But yes,on to the fashion and stuff!

Top: Autograph
Skirt: eShakti c/o
Wedges: Lane Bryant
Clutch: ASOS via Curvy Cartel 
Earrings: Real Diva's Are Large

This amazing ultra high waisted skirt just blows my mind. The print is absolutely divine, with those bold reds, greens and blues, you can pretty much dress it up with anything. The material is a thick crepe but without the weight, its still got plenty of movement without losing its shape.

The silhouette is amazing. I feel like I could be bum-wiggling around an office in Mad Men! I kept the length at a knee length for that feminine look but now that I have it, I love the idea that it can be shortened to a mini before you purchase. I would love that funky floral print in a cute little mini! Best bit of all though- pockets! A babe with pockets is pretty much unstoppable! ;)

I wore this outfit for a full day out on the town and at the end of the day, I was still comfy in this skirt! I wanted to play off the colours by adding this killer yellow ASOS clutch and Lane Bryant shoes. The clutch fits everything (even my ipad!) and is great for packing my whole life into. Mind you, with pockets I carry all those small essentials without (lippy, phone and keycard!) without having to even bother clawing around inside my clutch! Fashion winning!

What do you think of skirts with pockets? 
Do you like floral print? 


  1. OMG, this skirt is everything. I am winging my way to the eShakti website now! You look amazing x

  2. Um, so gorgeous! That skirt is amazing! I love a good high-waisted skirt, as they're basically all I wear...but this one is something special! I love the east-meets-west feel to it, and the colors are so vibrant and unexpected. I love that Spring florals are getting more and more saturated with color and are done in interesting, eye-catching combinations, now. Good-bye, dowdy florals! Such a great shape on you, and the colors are perfect for your fun personality!

    <3 Liz

  3. That skirt is amazing I shall have to check them out xxx

  4. That is a great skirt on you and the pockets are a bonus. Hello..springtime florals! I would so wear it and have to check it out.

  5. How cute are you in that gorgeous skirt, and those HEELS!!!!
    I love floral, and was just thinking yesterday that I need some floral on black frockage!
    Those shoes totally rock my world...o, and pockets?! Hell yes!

  6. I love everything about this look! So many lovely colours! You look fabulous! :)

  7. OMG AMAZING!!!!

  8. That skirt is amazing, I love the pop of colors of the accessories!

  9. Omg that skirt is divine!! You look gorgeous xx

  10. That skirt is so amazing, I absolutly love it!

  11. Wow that skirt is amazing and I love the way you styled it with the pops of colors from the clutch, shoes and earrings. I think everything goes together so well, I like how you kept the skirt longer I think it looks great at that length.


  12. I love anything with pockets. Makes it an instant fav! And your skirt is so colourful and pretty. Love the pop of yellow and everything!


  13. This is such a beautiful skirt and the fact that it has pockets! :o) x

  14. That skirt is so lovely and so are the shoes. :) Pockets is always a plus on dresses and skirts. I love the way you combine colours and your smile is amazing girl. ;) xx


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