11 Mar 2014

OOTD: Brisbane Alternative Expo

Ben and I attended The Brisbane Alternative Expo on the weekend- a fabulous geeky explosion of local steam punk, Gothic, comic book and rockabilly goodness! A friend of ours owns an airbrushing company and invited us to go check out the expo last year. We had the best time and I discovered some amazing plus-size brands in the process (Including Geek Girl Collective- these babes ROCK!!)- so I was super excited to get amongst it all again this year!

Dress and Blazer: City Chic
Flatforms: Betts
Necklace and Belt: Forever 21

Sunnies: eQuip

The expo was also the perfect opportunity to rock these totally awesome platforms that I picked up in in the Betts Shoes sale. A big chunky form with funky thick cage toes- I knew they would fit in well with all the dressed-to-the-nines steampunk babes at the event!

I loved the way the purple geometric jacket looks with the black and white. These City Chic tunic dresses are so easy to wear and style up (I already have three in different prints- isn't that ridiculous?!), but it was just that little bit too short for all the bending over I had planned to be doing at the expo. I added my favourite We Love Colors stockings to prevent butt flashing- dude, these stockings are the best!
Lastly I added basic accessories with a 'satche and the metallic belt to match the jacket and I was ready to go Geek it up!

It was pretty hot inside the hall where the expo was held, so my jacket came off pretty fast. But by the time I'd done a loop around the stalls, I'd swapped the blazer for a moustache hair scarf, a dragon tattoo and a skull cameo brooch- awesomeness! AND! I've commissioned a totally rad moustache print fit and flare skirt! I cannot wait to show you all!

What do you think of geometric prints and colour?? 


  1. Oh my gosh - this sounds so fun! I'm checking out "Geek Girl Collective" as soon as I post this, too. My husband Kyle and I would love something like this - we'd be in good company! lol I absolutely love your print mixing and the splash of purple against the geometric black and white. I feel like the combination is really unexpected and eye-catching!

    <3 Liz

  2. Those flatforms were crafted by angels (or as I just typed, angles, ha!) They're amaze. The graffiti backdrop is a wonderful visual too, and now I want to hunt out some graffiti in my town to pose in front of! I'm going out for my 40th in steampunk attire next month so I wish I could've hidden in your handbag and picked up some tips. ;) x x

  3. Suppper fun and bright and beautiful on you!

  4. SUPER adorable. I have this dress to. Reminds me I must drag it out and wear it sometime soon. It's too cute to sit in the closet for too long. LOVE those shoes lady. Sigh. Jealous. ;)

  5. This looks great! I think you would love some of the vintage clothing in our collection :)
    Becky x


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