5 Dec 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Statement ring

I love a good splash of bling. An attention grabbing necklace, chandelier drop earrings or a bold ring, if its shiny and pretty I'm usually sold. I've been cleaning out my wardrbobe lately and actually just found a treasure trove of old statement rings I'd forgotten about so I was super excited about busting out one or two for this weeks challenge.

Dress: City Chic
Jacket: Harlow
Necklace: eQuip
Ring: Colette
Flatforms: Zu

We met up with some friends for dinner last night and as usual, I was running late. I pulled on this super cute City Chic dress and styled it up quickly. I'm actually loving the lightness of the material and the cute little cut, its seen some serious strut time in my high rotation wardrobe lately (see it remixed casual here!).

I picked up these flatforms when I was in Melbourne bargain shopping at Bridge Road. These beauties set me back a grand total of ten bucks! I snapped them up straight away! I adore a wedge and a flatform, you get the sexy leg without the sore feet. I swear my love affair with platforms started when Spice Girls stormed the world- cute little dresses and chunky heels, I wanted in!

Oh, and this funky little bag was a present from my mum, cheeky lady she is! It's awesome for carrying around all that extra stuff you need- my whole normal handbag, iPad and a bottle of wine are stashed in there! 

Check out all my babes this week!

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  1. wouw
    really love this look. Especially the dress with shoes and bag. And that bag is sooooo you lol
    xxxxx kiss kiss

  2. Really nice Outfit! I love this dress.

  3. Your skin is glowingl; you look beautiful!

  4. Super cute outfit, I love the black and white with the red! Those flatforms are such a great deal and they are so cute! Oh and that bag I think I need to get that for some of my friends, they would totally love it! :)


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