9 Dec 2013

OOTD: Christmas parties

I love Christmas time. I love the parties, the presents, the family, the love and the holidays! But the best bit? Getting to dress up! Its that time of year for getting together and celebrating and that always calls for some serious babe-in out!

I actually ended up agonizing over what to wear this year. The work party always feels like the most important. Especially in a job such as nursing. You normally see each other at your absolute worst- sweaty, no makeup, tired, yelled at, rundown and more than likely, covered in other peoples body fluids. So its always the party I want to go most out there for! And there is a lot of truth in the saying 'Work Hard, Play Hard'. No-one I know parties as hard as nurses!

Peplum top and skater skirt: City Chic
Necklace: Colette
Flower Crown: JayJays
Wedges: Target

As you can see I had a spray tan before the event (NO way?! You mean you aren't normally that extreme shade of 'just left a week in the tropics' tan?! You don't say?!), so I made the most of it and got my pins out!
I always feel more confident with a tan. Isn't that ridiculous. Something about that glow strips back the last of my inhibitions. Enough that this short skirt didn't phase me at all!

Funnily enough, this City Chic 'dress' isn't a dress at all! Its a peplum top and a skirt in the same print! I loved the way it came together as a one piece!

Crystal and I ended up wearing the same necklaces in different shades! The benefit of fast fashion accessories like these from Colette is that you can buy a few without feeling like you've broken the bank. I love adding a splash of colour for under $15!

And now, I need to take a moment to talk about these shoes. These fabulous, enchantingly fabulous shoes. Siighhhh. I purr when I look at them.

I went on an epic adventure to find these. My local Target store didn't have my size and I wanted them in time for the weekend. Thus, the adventure begins! Three Target's later and I'm swiping my card at the register and these hot babies never leaving my sight! Best $40 I've spent this year- and ridiculously comfortable to boot!

Do you love getting dolled up at Christmas time??
What do you wear to your Christmas party??


  1. Cute! The floral print is so pretty.

  2. That dress and belt and shoes are amazing on you!!!!! Looks like you had a blast!

  3. You look so adorable in that dress! I love the floral pattern

  4. you look so pretty ! love your dress

  5. My favourite part of your whole outfit is your smile. It always makes whatever you wear look incredible.
    Looks like you had loads of fun as well!

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous, Liv! Stunning. x x

  7. You look hot, Miss Olivia! It's the tan, the floral dress, the flower crown, the shoes, everything! Such a fun and flirty holiday look. You're always so inspiring when it comes to fun, playful fashion. Happy holidays!


  8. You look Great in this outfit and your floral crown speaks volumes. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  9. Such a great outfit, it really looks like a dress! But yeah I love christmas too because I love getting dressed up for christmas parties as well! I think your outfit looks great and I love the shoes too! :)


  10. That dress is amazing, you look beautiful!
    I'n not quite sure about what I will wear, but I already have my new year's eve dress! ^^

  11. Love your outfit. You look so cute.


  12. I thought it was a dress! It looks fantastic styled that way. I'm not one for tans, but lordy yours looks good!

  13. Lovely outfit! I can't doll up very often since I don't know how to make up myself.

  14. you looks amazing. i like the dress



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