21 Feb 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Trench Coat

One of the things I love most about living in Australia (and the northern part too) is our amazing weather. Sure it gets chilly, but I'm never rugged up in more than a sweater and jeans. On that note, I have one trench coat, and it wasn't even really mine, I swapped it with a friend! So, for this Fatshion Faceoff trench coat post, I knew the exact jacket I was going to wear!

Jacket: Target
Tights: M Line
Flats: Rubi
Necklace: eQuip

Finding a jacket that is multi-seasonal is an absolute find! The weight of this trench is light enough that I can wear it on chilly Summer nights and still loose enough that I can layer it in Winter. Plus, with short sleeves it makes it easier to wear without looking too dressed up. 

I adore this turquoise pop of colour. This rocking peplum top was only $13 from New Look Inspire, I had to hold myself back from buying one in every colour. Such a bargain and such a perfect fit! 

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Do you have a favourite trench jacket? 
Do you have different jackets for different seasons? 


  1. Your pictures are so cute! You look so happy that it made me smile. Love your blog!

    Susan from stylingwithsusieblog.com

  2. This look is fantastic! I love the turquoise, and the trench itself. It just reminds me that I really ought to invest in one. Hm...

  3. Gorgeous! I need to buy this top in every colour, it's lovely! x

  4. Really like the necklace and peplum top! :)

    That trench is so lovely too - I find them the nicest things to wear when the weather gets cooler :)

  5. First of all, the ring makes the whole look just POP. And second...as a chubby girl myself...how can it always being warm or hot be a good thing? Frankly I've always wondered how the entire continent you live on is bearable for the fashionably fat. I picture everyone in shorts and sleeveless shirts all year round.

  6. I love the top. It is the most gorgeous colour. It looks amazing with the purple shoes also.

  7. You look fabulous as always!

  8. That jacket is a pretty sweet score!! Most of my jackets are of the super warm wool variety, I could really do with some lighter jackets like this one. I love turquoise on you - great colour.

  9. I love this trench coat! I am also obsessed with making scarves as such! I hope my next post will host it in there! They are so easy to make and truly love, I love the added touch of the jewels! Cute as always, and love that turquoise on you!

  10. Love this combo! The top and necklace are fabulous.

    I love all the pictures. Makes me miss your smiling face! Am I a creeper? ... Probably.


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