20 Nov 2012

Aussie Curves: Strapless

I actually really love strapless. Its a style I've well and truly embraced these last 5 years or so, especially with these shattering Queensland Summers we get! I have however, written about how I wasn't always this arm bearingly confident in the past. Looking in my wardrobe now though- you have to hunt to find something not arm bearing!

Top: City Chic
Belt: Swapped at PSFWA
Shoes, Skirt and Ring: swapped with Fashion Hayley

I am so in love with this skirt and these shoes! They were snapped up at the Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia clothes swap and are so different to anything I would probably ever buy myself. Funny thing though, I've worn them twice since getting back on Sunday!!

The skirt has such a fab Summery style and of course- POCKETS!! The top is an old fav from City Chic (I also have it in pink!), but its always on high rotation during warmer months. Together they almost give off a safari vibe.

I'm a huge belt fan and love throwing one over my outfits for more waist definition. This black patent look one will go with so much- I literally dived across the room to make it mine.

Do you feel comfortable in strapless tops?? 


  1. Oh I used to have that same or similar belt it was from City chic 2008? Mine broke ages ago. You look awesome!!

  2. You are friggin adorable! Isn't it weird when you pick something up from a clothes swap and then wear it like ALL THE TIME!! Tell me more about this plus size fashion you went on (and I stalked you on instagram) I want to do something like that!!!

  3. You look perfect as always! I'm still working on being comfortable beating my arms. I feel awful in strapless clothes because I'm broad shouldered and I don't like them being on show!

  4. you look so darling as always. ^^v
    love the strapless look on you.

  5. You look great and I LOVE those shoes!

  6. You look so great! Super happy to hear you love your swap steaks so much!!

  7. You look AWESOME! Love this outfit. I've found the same thing with some of my swap items. I can't help but wear them and yet I would never have worn them before. Awesome really.

    I'm pretty sure that was my belt! Great minds lady. You wear it well.

  8. Seriously cute outfit Olivia! Love that grey on you...what a great swap!

  9. So cute! On another note, where did you get those outdoor lights from?


  10. You're gorgeous! You are totally rocking that outfit! x

  11. You are so beautiful! You radiate beauty! I am comfortable in strapless... as long as I have a coverup! I did let loose this year, beacuse the summer here was so blistering. I hope to improve year after year!

  12. I have that belt in red. Lovely outfit! xx


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