8 Nov 2012

Fatshion Faceoff: Printed Dress

So, it's official. I have a severe lack of printed dresses. I have lots of spots, lots of floral and lots of lines, but no proper cool printed ones!

I had a big hunt through the wardrobe and chose this gorgeous dress. I know its floral, but it also has a rad texture mix with a faux denim bust and ruffle and button details! I thought that was a pretty cool combo- and an awesome dress for these warm lazy days. 

Dress: Torrid
Bracelets: Torrid, City Chic, TS14+

I like that the outfit is so simple yet has so much going on. I added the bracelets to highlight some of the flowers colours. I am a mega bracelet fan and get very frustrated finding bands large enough for my wrists. A few of these beauties are from the new TS14+  Summer range. It has some really fabulous bangles in gorgeous colours- I've bought almost all of them! 

It was getting a bit humid for OOTD photos lol

I think I may be the only Fatshion Faceoff chicky with sunny weather actually, so I can't wait to see the others rugged up versions!

Dani from DIY Fatshion
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi from Lilybobombs


  1. Super cute! Love the bracelets and your face in the last shot is a picture! :) xx

  2. That dress is amazing babe, I'm jealous! The bangles are awesome, I wish I had more (well once again.. I doubt I'd wear them if I did. I NEED to work on my accessorizing!) Loving the last pic hun ;) haha xx

  3. I love your style. So so pretty.


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  4. Pretty dress- I particularly love the skirt part. You look lovely in these photos!

  5. hehe the last photo! You're so cute :)

    Love the floral print - the matching bracelets are a nice touch too :)

  6. Great dress, you're looking gorgeous as always! I wish there were warm and lazy days here in Belgium, right now it's cold and busy. The busy part I don't mind too much but the COLD and the DARK, BAH.

  7. Love the dress and how you styled it!

  8. Your body looks amazing in this cut. LOVE!!

  9. i wanna leave on vacation again when i see your dress!!
    just lovely as the person wearing it ;-) xxx

  10. You look gorgeous with black. Bracelets are stylish. Colorful skirt with black top combination really looks great. For plus size skirt and tops I have found another site named "the curvy gypsea." Here is the link http://www.thecurvygypsea.com/home.



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