16 Oct 2012

OOTD: Gala Ball

I'm not sure I've properly mentioned it before, but in 'real-life' I'm a Pediatric Nurse. I love being a nurse. Not only is it an extremely rewarding career but I've met some amazing people too! Of course the only downfall is shift work- but work hard play hard right! 

Every year the hospital puts on a Gala Ball, a really great event that lets us all get dressed and celebrate the year that was! This yeas a bunch of my nursey ladies and I dressed to the nines and hit the free wine with gusto!


It was a really fab night and as you can see by the piccys there was a great turnout! But what to wear to a Gala Ball??!?! I agonized over what to wear and when that happens- I always pull out the 80's inspired glam! 

Dress: City Chic
Necklace: Diva
Flats: Rubi Shoes

You can't help but feel fabulous in tule, jewels and sequins! Outfit win!! I always wear flats to these kind of events. As much as heels look amazing, I just can't go the dancing distance in them. And with wine included in the ticket price- high heels would be a recipe for trouble for me!

I splashed out and had my hair done for the night and it made such a difference in the outfit. I loved the gorgeous curls and not having to worry about if my hair was still in okay. I borrowed Emma's red lippy for the night but I'm not sure it's me. What do you think???

The amazing necklace was a last minute change up, but I think the gorgeous sparkles were just what the dress needed to take it to the next level!

What would you wear to a gala ball???
Do you have a go-to style that makes you feel glamorous?? 


  1. OMG! This is amazing, I'm so jealous of your life :).

  2. Looks like a good night. Your outfit was gorgeous!

  3. You look amazing, such a great gala look. I think I would wear something similar, black dress with tulle or for a more gothic romantic look black lace. I think that lipstick looks great on you, I adore red lipstick with blonde hair.

    I had no idea you were a nurse! Now I'm an even bigger fan of yours as my mother was a nurse and I know the hard work and dedication that goes into that job. :)


  4. I like the lipstick!! and I love the outfit especially the necklace!!

    The necklace really added the right amount of glam, and I like you kept it simple with the earrings. Very nice, very pretty.


  5. Love your hair, the gala sounds like fun! I really like the necklace with the dress too, great last minute change :)

    I had to go to a gala and wore a black dress too - the perfect go-to item for any event it seems!


  6. You look amazing! I think the necklace really makes the outfit perfect. I'd love to have my hair done one day! I'm not sure what i'd wear to a gala ball, I have one gown that I wore to an event, so I'd probably wear that!

  7. You look absolutely beautiful Olivia! I love your hair - well worth spending an extra bit of cash for a special event. Also you are wearing my dream cocktail frock - I love it and the necklace too. It's all SO lovely!!

  8. you're absolutely stunning! soooooooo glamorous! love the dress and your hair!


  9. You looked simply stunning! That necklace is gorgeous!

  10. You always look like you are at the most amazing events!! Seems like you had a fabulous time...and you rocked that dress!! xoxoxo

  11. Your smile is so infectious! Makes me happy every time I see it. (Cheesy or what! but it's the truth)

  12. so glamorous and totally fabulous luv! ^^/ MMxoxo

  13. Love the dress!You look beautiful!


  14. Awwww... you look like a princess! The dress is so so pretty and your hair, OMG!

  15. You look so gorgeous, I always go for the 80's glam look myself. This ball sounds like so much fun, I've never been to a ball. I hear you about heels and alcohol and dancing not mixing, the few times I've worn heels while dancing and holding a drink (yes, this almost always happens in this scenario) I always end up kicking them off.



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