3 Oct 2012

OOTD: My favourite jeans

I really do think that no matter what your size or shape, the most important thing to buy is a perfect pair of jeans. I still remember my first 'perfect pair'. I was about fifteen and my sister found the ultimate pair from Just Jeans. I lived in those pants. Seriously. I still have them because honestly, when the fit is perfect- you can't get let them go!

So, over the last ten years (and definitely as my bum has become more *ahem* rounded) I've been on the hunt for my new elusive perfect pair. Some City Chic ones have come close, but none were perfect...... Until now.

While in New York, I was lucky enough to attend the Torrid trunk show A Torrid Affair. Hosted by Jessica Kane, the event was a true blogger morning full of laughter and fun! Nicole, Bec and I went together and I feel so honored to have shared this day with them and that I was able to meet a few of my favourite bloggers- Chastity from Garner Style and Kris from The Fun Between My Legs aka The Chubby Cruiser.

 (piccy stolen from Bec! x)

It was also so awesome hanging out with some of the Torrid team and of course- trying on their new jeans    (and taking a home a pair!) from the Stilletto Denim range!

Now saying this was love at first try-on would be an understatement. It felt like these jeans were made for me!! They are soft without without being thin material and super stretchy but don't loose their shape when washed. Te thing I like best of all though?? The pockets are stitched slightly higher on the bum so you don't get that dreaded 'half-way-down-your-ass-pocket-pouch'. Winning!!! And I wans't the only one totally loving the new jeans!!

I've worn these jeans so many times now, I cannot get enough of them! Here are just a few happy snaps of me wearing them over the last few weeks!

Babysitting my niece and nephew! 
Jeans: Torrid, Top: Forever 21+

Out to dinner with my handsome man-friend!
Jeans and Jacket: Torrid, Top: Lily and Lou 

So tell me- do you have a pair of perfect jeans???


  1. You look great, I especially love the second outfit. I don't own any jeans! I used to wear them when I was younger, but I just find any pants ( with the exception of gym pants) so uncomfortable. I find buying jeans so traumatic!

  2. I wish I could find a pair of jeans to fit.... had an awesome pair of Levi's when I was younger.... just maybe I will find a good pair one-day again in the future :). And you look fab in yours :)

  3. I need to try Torrid for denim, never have!! I love their shoes!



  4. They seriously look like they were made for you! The shape and fit looks perfect. Jeans shopping is one of my biggest hates. Shopping for the perfect pair feels like a nightmare and an impossible task!

  5. I cannot live without my Torrid Curvy Skinny jeans. Torrid just knows how to do denim! I have also been dying to try the Stiletto Denim but I haven't gotten to the store to try it on yet.

  6. I just got my pair of Torrid Stilletto Jeans via online, and I absolutely LOOOOVVEEEE them! These are the best jeans ever! They look great on you girl..I've been snapping pics of myself every chance I get too!! lol Have a great week!! xoxo

  7. Hell yeah I have a favorite pair of jeans, they are from H&M, but before I had one from Zara, I wore them until they broke while I was at work. I miss them so much :).

  8. at the moment they are City Chic TDR apple skinny jeans - love them

  9. I don't have a perfect pair yet. It is always so heart breaking going shopping for me so I always make do with whatever I find. Looking to change this soon though.
    Lagos, Nigeria

  10. Those jeans looks so good on you and the trunk show looks like fun :)


  11. You look so fantastic in these, I think I am going to have to give them a shot! I have been wearing Old Navy Rockstar's for about a year and some skinnies from Target, so I think it's time to give another brand a chance. You look really lovely with the black blouse and striped blazer!

  12. Hi! Nice to meet you! I am a plus size spanish blogger! Now a new follower!

  13. I am not a jeans love, but you look gorgeous, my dear friend.

  14. I saw your pic on Torrid's FB wall and you looked so cute and stylish- I just had to check out your blog. I decided to become a follower and look forward to more fun posts.

  15. I love these jeans, they look perfect on you. I wish we had Torrid here! Xx

  16. I've never heard of Torrid but there jeans look amazing & you look like you had a fab time at the event.

    I just love jeans!



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