6 May 2015

OOTD: Let's sparkle

At Curvy Couture Roadshow (posts coming next week!) I watched all of the fabulous fashions sashay down the runway and it rocked my world. One of my favourite standouts was Nyata. It makes me so proud to be an Aussie when I see such high fashion, original and sexy plus size designs being made. They've nailed the luxe plus-market, with gorgeous cuts and sexy detailing, I always feel amazing when I slip into one of their pieces.

Dress: c/o Nyata
Stockings: We Love Colors
Heels: Torrid
Clutch and Sunnies: New Look

I jumped at the chance to get my hands on some of their new goodies and the Biarkan Glitter certainly didn't disappoint. I love that I can wear it as a top or a dress, its easy to make it totally glitzzy or just to add some sequiny sparkle to an everyday outfit. For my first wear I went for a relaxed glam feel. With some stockings and a funky clutch, it was perfect for sunset drinks by the river. And I tell you what, I felt like a rockstar! 

The comfy, relaxed fit of the dress was one of my favourite things about it. Its the best of both worlds, killer sexy lines with the eye-catching sequin detailing and the comfy cotton of your favourite t-shirt. How often do we suffer through an uncomfortable outfit because we know it looks good? Hard to admit but true. Nyata's designs have taken all that stress away, there is no compromising comfort for fashion here team!

And now for the absolute coolest thing about Nyata? I'm wearing size Amazing (24-26) annnndddd their entire collection is available in sizes 8 to 30. Knowing I can wear the same high fashion and fabulous sequins as my thin besties is awesome!! And, when they asked me where I got my dress from, I can point them in right direction without having (that sometimes embarrassing) 'uh, but it won't fit you...' conversation. Its not about size classifications, its about looking and feeling good no matter what your body shape!

How do you feel about sequins??


  1. I love your hair/whole vibe in these shots. <3

  2. hello,ciao Olivia...nice photos and Your look is so unique...creative and fabolous...You shine such charisma and Your smile is marvellous...cheers!

  3. Hey Miss Amazing!

    Glad you're back. I saw you at the CCR but was too chicken to ask for a pic. Next time! :)

  4. Okay okay the dress is cool, but: OMG how fab is this champagne bottle purse?! It's so cool! I want it! :)

  5. SEQUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUINS. I might be a fan hehe ;)

    Um, girl, you look goooood. What's yo numba?

    I feel ya about the uncomfortable yet flattering outfits, I'm so lazy these days all I can ever think about is comfort. I have this dress I adore but it has the teeniest little straps that dig into my shoulders something fierce so I hardly wear it even though I adore it. My friggin huge sweater puppies are to blame :P


  6. Gorgeous as always my little aussie bombshell! I love a tshirt dress, so sexy and versatile!


    Diamonds n Pearls <3


  7. You look great. I love how the dress is so relaxed and tee shirt like, but yet dressed up.

  8. Looking good lady! Love this look on you. And the killer clutch, perfection.

  9. Fabulous confidence! love~~


  10. That dress is FREAKING AWESOME!!

  11. Daaaamn! You are rocking that dress, and you should know by now that I just LOVE sequins! xox

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