19 May 2015

Change Room Adventures: H&M Garden City

H&M opened at my local Westfield, Garden City last Saturday and today I made the trip out to explore the store myself. I had purposely avoided the opening weekend as I knew it was going to be crazy-busy, but even in the middle of a weekday today it was packed!

There isn't a whole lot available in the Aussie online store (I've added links to any items that are online) so I wasn't expecting much. I had a wander around the shop by myself first, checking out all the goodies. They had some pretty awesome opening specials ($2.95 shoes anyone?!) but I couldn't see any clear signs for where the plus size collection started. I ended up asking a few people who pointed me in the right direction. The range is currently on the second floor in the upper right hand corner near the door. Its not huge, maybe about ten meters cubed, but its a good start! I must have looked pretty suss walking around taking photos because it was enough that one of the shopping attendants came up to have a chat to me about it. She told me that there is still a lot of plus-size not on the floor yet and that they are waiting until it quiets down to finish all the unpacking. Nonetheless, I found several pieces I quite liked and even took a few home!

I loved this 87 top right away and for $19.95 it was a steal! The letters are made with a gold, glitter material that doesn't shed and gives off a faint shimmer. I'm wearing the 2X in the top and the 24 in the straight jeans. I wish I snapped this bad boy up, putting this soft cotton tee back is my biggest regret of the day!

I ended up buying this cute little striped tee because the $19.95 price tag was just too good to resist. Plus, stripes never go out of fashion! I'm wearing the 3X here and its a great, relaxed fit.

I quite liked the look of this top on the hanger, but in the change room it was another matter. I wanted to like it! I really did. But the flowy cut (and I'm wearing the 22 here) just didn't do me justice at all. And it was very see-through and wearing camis under tops is the balls.

This little jersey number was my splurge of the day. It set me back $29.95 for the 2X I'm wearing in this photo. I thought it was a little on the expensive side, but it's so warm and soft that I justified it by thinking I'd pay way more if I bought it elsewhere! Also, it's worth noting that it's the same price on the Aussie H&M and the USA online H&M store, I love that. Regardless of exchange rate, shipping and taxes, it's still the same! That's fashion dedication H&M! And much better than *some* USA stores that have opened in AUS.

This funky sweatshirt has an awesome Footloose vibe to it. I'm wearing the 3X in this photo and I reckon even the 2X would have been slouchy and comfortable. At $29.95 its a cute little basic piece to have floating around.

I looovvveeddd this sport luxe v-neck jumper but at $39.95 I've already got a few things at home that are similar. I'm wearing the 3X and it cuffs and flares perfectly. Super cute!

Raglan sleeve tees always remind me of the USA. So trying on this one felt just like being at H&M while on holiday in Los Angeles for me! This one comes in four colours and again at $29.95 was just out of my budget right now. Such a great fit, though.

This was my favourite item of the day! The slouchy fit, classic black and deep neckline: this tunic had to be mine! I'm wearing the 4X in this photo and it is hotness!

So I've been in the shop for about an hour now, 99% of what I've tried on has fit (always ignore the label guys, in the photos above I'm wearing items from the range in sizes 20, 22, 24, 2X, 3X and 4X!!) and then this happens......

DUUUUHHH DUH DAAAA!!! Size 24, skinny leg jeggings, stuck on my calves. I want to add here that its not that they are too long, its that I couldn't get them passed my calfzillas! It wasn't meant to be team!!

There were a few other things I liked on display, including this feminine blush pink dress, this killer sleeveless jumpsuit (which I wanted to try on but it was hanging up too high for me to reach!), a few jersey tops and this white lace blouse. Butttttt, not a single skirt was on the racks! Not a single one! And I was sooooooo looking forward to getting my hands on this tulle skirt! Just another excuse to go back, I guess! ;)

So, like most new plus-size collections, the sizes had sold out pretty quickly. H&M Australia say that they carry sizes 18 to 28, but looking around the store, most things were sizes 16-22 with a very small handful of 24s. I didn't see a single size 26 or 28 (except for a few size 4Xs). But seeing as you can't get many of these sizes anywhere else in Brisbane, they must have sold like hotcakes! I hope H&M take note of how fast the extended sizes sell and continue to stock a large range of plus-sizes for us!

From a shopping experience point-of-view, the store was busy but laid out well. Once the staff pointed out the plus-size section to me I did notice a small sign delegating the area. The staff in the change room were lovely and the lady I chatted to about the plus-size stock out the back seemed genuinely excited about the range expanding out further. Apart from a very bored (and rude) cashier downstairs who ignored me and chatted to another employee while 'serving' me, the staff were all eager to help and easy to find.

What's your favourite piece???


  1. I really like the tunic and the striped tee! :)

  2. I love the tunic, it looks great and also that raglan tee! So cute. Looks like you had a fun time shopping:)

  3. I agree about the tunic, you look smoking in it. I haven't really shopped at a H&M since I was a size 16, I've missed it, I'm glad to see the plus size section is available online in the U.S finally. Wait, it is right? I haven't actually bought anything from it, I just browse now and then. I had some adorable skirts from them back in my smaller plus sized days. I love seeing plus size sections in stores but I hate when they are hidden or not marked at all. I've been to some stores where I feel like I have to search for a lost city just to find the section my size is in.


  4. The sporty jumper looked absolutely stunning on you, too bad it was that expensive.
    Plus sizes have yet to arrive in my city and the online selection is far from being as wide and beautiful as the pieces you've shown. But it is still nice to see big brands finally make some efforts :)

    Oui Curvy

  5. Great job babe! Excellent review post. And calfzillas, LOL.


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