1 Aug 2014

OOTD: Pink moustache

Since getting home, its been lovely to unearth all my stored Winter jackets again. I always forget how much I love Winter fashion, snuggly layers and leggings are definitely my home-girls. I was sent this cute little shift dress from the team at BooHoo and am loving its thick flocked feel- its perfect for these chilly days.

Dress: c/o BooHoo
Jacket: Target
Necklace: Scrabblicious Designs
Stockings: c/o Sonsee Woman
Flats: Rubi shoes
Handbag: Thrifted ($1!)

I layered it up with my old Target knee length jacket. I love the drama a full jacket brings to an outfit. Its slight skater like hem nicely balances out the body hugging cut of the Yazzmin Waffle Dress. Size wise, I'm wearing the UK24 and it fits just that little bit loose over my shoulders, the 22 would probably have been better but I like the way the rest of the dress sits regardless. ANNNNDDD. Pockets! Yes!!! Dresses with pockets people!! Is there a way we can just make them a worldwide standard? I can never resist a dress with pockets, couple that with its killer bold pink and this dress is a total winner for me.

I had this totally rad, moustache letter, scrabble piece necklace commissioned by local babe Carrissa, who owns Scrabblicious Designs. It played off perfectly with my tan brogues giving a more edgy feel to the outfit. This is the second time I've worn this dress and on the first occasion I styled it in a much more dressy and (for lack of a better word) stereotypically girly way. I love that it can so easily transition to a more relaxed outfit as well.

How would you style up this dress? 


  1. You are so so cute!! I think you may have the best smile on the internet!


  2. I love the outfit Boohoo have some fab stuff at the moment. I also agree with Margot I think your smile is like bottled sunshine xx

  3. Funny outfit. I love it. xoxo

  4. I love pink on you and those shoes are so cute! x x
    Just Me Leah

  5. The black and tan looks awesome, especially with the pops of hot pink! Such a surprisingly perfect combination!

    <3 Liz

  6. How hip and fun your outfit is Olivia! Loving the necklace too... so cute!


  7. I love this dress, I'm really into pink lately. This is such a clever necklace too.


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