13 Jul 2014

Aussie Curves: Blue

Well hiya!! A blog post, no way! Hello from Crete! We have one more week left of our honeymoon and as you've no doubt noticed, the internet is pretty patchy put here. I've been slowing uploading these photos the last few days and I am just going to scrape in in time for Aussie Curve blue week. 

Skirt: New Look Inspire
Top: Forever 21+

These piccies were taken up in the Meteora mountains above Athens, we spent the day exploring the monasteries and all the little walkways and trails between them.  Translating as 'suspended in the air' and 'in the heavens above', Meteora has such amazing scenery and breathtaking heights, it was an awesome day. Seeing places like this makes me realise how totally small we are in the world, it brings everything back into perspective. 

To get into the monasteries I had to wear a long skirt and luckily, I stocked up when we were in Dubai at New Look (they have an amazingly well stocked plus-size range!). I actually bought four ankle length maxi-skirts on this trip, which has ended up being totally rad as I've worn them a lot. The material is  nice and breezy while the length covers my burn-easy white legs- perfect for this Mediterranean weather! Plus these skirts have pockets, that pretty much makes them the best skirts in existence. That and they come in coral, blue, tribal and floral print, clearly I had to buy them all- find them here

And there we go, my first blog post in a month, thanks for sticking with me, I've got some exciting collaborations in the works for when we get home! In the mean time, come check me out of Instagram and Facebook, I'd love chat to you guys there! Xx


  1. Kudos to you for sticking to the posts even though you're on your honey moon! I feel so slack now haha. Hope you're enjoying Greece, you look gorgeous xx

  2. Gosh, those views are so beautiful! I really love that skirt, it's so full and pretty! Hope you are having a wonderful time!

  3. Looking good lady! Love the maxi and singlet combo.

    That view is all kinds of wonderful. Ugh. Perfection.


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