6 Jun 2014

OOTD: floral and denim

We headed out for dinner for Libby's birthday recently, you know cockatils, food and good company. My favourite type of nights. I wanted to wear this cute little Forever 21+ dress but its a little on the nippy side- sooooo, of course. Its THE JACKET time! I imagine that Hammer Time song every-time I put it on. Dooo do duh do, jacket time!

Dress: Forever 21+
Jacket: 17 Sundays
Clutch: Target
Flats: Rubi Shoes
Stockings: Sonsee Woman

I toasted up the outfit by wearing these Sonsee stockings in the opaque 100 Denier Full Tights. The team at Sonsee sent me a gorgeous little package of tights recently- perfect timing for the chilly change in weather. I'm a mega stockings fan- having a perfect pair of well fitting tights is almost better than a perfect pair of jeans. I've worn these out quite a few times and love the thickness and stretchiness of them. Sizing wise, I'm wearing a 'Stunning' size 22-24 and they fit pretty bang on. I have quite a long torso and short legs, so I had a little ankle sag in these after a few hours, but nothing that would ever stop me buying more of them.

As a side note, did you see Libby and I traded dresses that night?? Libby's dress was labeled 'one size fits all'- ahahahahahhaha! Do you like my leotard??? ;)


  1. The dress swap is hilarious and you both look fabulous - in your own outfits and each other's. x x

  2. Very cute outfit, very cool blog post. The floral dress and denim jacket look great together. Even greater is your usual and unique charm and your beaming smile. Great stuff here! Greetings from the United States!


  3. I just love how you accessorize!

  4. Cute outfit. That last photo STEALS the show though. Haha. LOVE.

  5. I usually don't trade dresses but I should do more often. xoxo

    Enara's Things


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