16 Feb 2014

OOTD: Horses and Paris

There is something awesome about a mini-skirt. I always feel flirty and super girly in them. It might also be that its a total flaunting disregard for all the stupid 'rules' about what fat girls should wear and that feels pretty fabulous too.

Skirt: eShakti
Top: Forever 21+
Flats: Rubi
Clutch: Thrifted
Necklace: Colette 

Ben and I went out with some friends on Saturday night for dinner and drinks. The temperature is just at that in between stage, cool enough for stockings, but warm enough to have bare arms. This is my favourite time of year.

I love the way the sequins catch the light and play off the red flats. Even though they are juts plain, the colour is so bright they always feel like ruby slippers.

The necklace I picked up in the Colette sales. For $8.50 with 50% off all jewelry, I couldn't resist! The cord with metal details is so easy to wear, I've already styled it into several outfits. It just seems to go with everything! Its easy to buy too much dress jewelry (I'm a definite victim of sale-spontaneity) but I'm trying to pick pieces like this I will get more wear out of. 

Seriously though. How adorable is the skirt. I love that eShakti is fully customizable, this was originally a past the knee length, but I knew it would be too cute as a mini! The moment I slipped it on I loved it. From the funky print to the metal look buttons, it was perfect. Funnily enough, it was one of those pieces that got lost in my wardrobe. Its just been rediscovered and rotated to the front!

What do you wear in between seasons? 


  1. ici pour l instant l entre saison est plus que "fraiche" je dirais mm tres froide mais surtout humide...du coups pour l instant c est encore bottes et tenue d hivers ;o)

    bon dimanche !

  2. I hope to have you in Paris for your honey moon !
    Here in Paris it's not really cold even if we are in winter, so I wear tights and cute dresses. You look lovely in your outfit!

  3. You look super cute! Love that shirt

  4. LOVE the t shirt and the matching shoes, but it's all out-shone by your smile. :) x x

  5. You look fantastic, as always! I love that skirt and the entire ensemble just looks amazing! xx

  6. I'm pretty in love with the print of your skirt - its fantastic!

  7. Love the horse skirt! This is a super cute look!


  8. Great post - you really work that look!


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