4 Feb 2014

Aussie Curves: Active Wear

Okay. So I guess I've essentially cheated with this weeks Aussie Curves. I'm definitely taking the theme to the edges of its meaning but the funny thing about active wear, is that although I have tights and comfy tees I wear while working up a sweat- more often than not, I end up hitting the pavement in my everyday clothes.

Top: Forever 21+
Jeans: Torrid
Jacket: Crossroads
Thongs: Crocs

On this particular day, I'd come home from the shops to a raucously excited puppy! Seeing her joyful little furry self bouncing up and down just makes me melt. That and this unbelievable choc-chip-cookie stare she does as I take me shoes off near where her walking lead hangs. So I sigh and put my shoes back on, grab her harness and ball and head back out the door with her gleefully taking the lead. This means I end up hitting the park in whatever I happen to be wearing before. Now, if it's something swishy, long, cotoure or ridiculous then I'll change- but if it's jeans and a top or a leggings and a tunic getup, I'm out the door without hesitation. 

I think the most important thing is that you want to be comfortable and have good range of movement. I've found myself wearing jeans a lot lately. Which is funny- because before blogging I was never a jeans wearer. I think that finding my perfect pair has definitely changed my jeans opinion- Torrid really do make the BEST jeans! Plus, Neo likes it when I wear them because she doesn't have to wait for me to change before we go for a walk! ;)

As you can see from these piccys, Neo cannot get enough of the park. From the minute we step out the door until her final collapse on the couch when we get home- she gives it all her energy! I love throwing the ball around for her and running her through the agility obstacles. Sometimes it's the little things like this that make for the best afternoons. 

Does your pet love the park?


  1. My Shih Tzu has been to our dog park once and seemed to like it for a minute and then a fur baby would smell her butt and she'd get scared. It was funny to watch anyway! You look adorable and that looks really comfy!

  2. That top is adorable and Neo is the cutest! x x

  3. You look so cute in the polka dot top!

  4. I often go hiking in a SKIRT! shocking I know! But its what I'm comfortable in - despite the fact others might think I'm crazy. Love the action shots of Neo - love that top too!

  5. Go the thong, that is totally me! I wear them all year round expect for in winter when my toes turn blue i know its time for some closed in shoes.

  6. great post! I used to go walking in jeans a lot back home - too hot here, but it was easy to just change my shoes & off i go! Neo is sooooo cute!!

  7. It's a stretch but you're the cutest so we'll forgive you. Open to interpretation and all that. LOVE these pics, love Neo. What fun. Great jeans too. And I bet they are comfy as tracksuit pants, so win in my books.

  8. Three words: American Eagle Outfitters. Best jeans ever. :)

    I've never tried Torrid though. We didn't have that in my home country. We had AE though and a bunch of other American stores. Dorothy Perkins' jeans used to be really nice, also.

    But trust me on this: AE jeans are soooo comfy. Especially the jegging line.:)



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