14 Nov 2013

Brand Spotlight: Autograph

This is a sponsored post for Autograph Fashion

I always find that preparing for summer is the biggest fashion challenge of all. You need to be considering hot days, chilly evenings, sticky afternoons and all while still trying to look cute! Plus there is the age old how much skin to show and what bits to leave bare. I literally spend more time standing in my wardrobe like a dolt wondering what to wear than actually trying on outfits! I did some outfit planning a few years back and found  it lots easier to face the coming events with the pre-groundwork done. So, while trawling my regular online shopping haunts in preparation for Summer, I ended up chatting to the team from Autograph and have taken inspiration from their new collections to start my wardrobe planning!

Now, to be honest, Autograph has not always tickled my fancy, but they have totally upped the ante in the last few years! I have been super impressed with the high fashion and on trend pieces they have been releasing- did you see those floral blazers in Autumn? I bought all three. No joke. So I figured the best way to start my planning was to base the outfits on my four favourite things to do: lunch, weekend fun, markets and cocktails!

Autograph Fashion- Lunch outfit

I always joke that I could lunch for a living. And by joke I mean wistfully dream that it could be a reality. The benefit of nursing and shift work is the mid-week days off where I get to spend time with my girlfriends. It always feels so indulgent sitting in a cafe, sipping lattes and gossiping at 1pm on a Wednesday. So indulgent that I tend to dress up for my lady lunch dates. I already have a red skirt quite similar to this one and I know it would look fabulous with this gorgeous stripe blouse and rope statement necklace. I also couldn't resist these jewel gold sandals- comfy statement flats are so hard to find but Autograph's shoes always seem to fit me so well.

Autograph Fashion- Weekend Casual

I'm more than a little obsessed with floral pants and flatforms at the moment- they have such a great instant dressed up feel without losing any of the comfort factor. Weekends are my days with Ben and the family (except Saturday nights ;), so I like to be comfy, wear breathable clothes and be unhampered by loads of extra accessories. But I carry a side bag or back pack when we plan a long drive/shopping drip/day out instead, as I find them easy to carry all the 'just-in-case' stuff. Which is funny, because while I've just saved all that space and time not accessorizing up- I apparently use it on packing spare sunscreen instead!

So obviously these floral leggings have my name all over them. And they pair up perfectly with the simplicity of the crochet owl tee. Throw on a necklace and my comfy (but uber cute!) flatforms and I'm off!

Autograph Fashion- Morning at the markets

These chambray pants and that flamingo top are basically the cutest combo I've ever seen. I so wish that cute sunset print went all the way around the back as well though- I feel like white shirt backs are cheaters! I wanted to keep in the same colour palette for this outfit, it makes for a quick chic look without too much thought. And I love my jelly sandals for market trekking, they keep my feet cool but still offer good support.

Autograph Fashion- Cocktails

The minute I landed my peepers on this lattice sleeve top I was working it into cocktail outfits! Its such a classic and easy to style up piece. I'd be pairing it with my favourite jeans, some bright and most likely moustache accessories, then an arm party of stacked bangles! I'm a big believer in flats rather than heels, especially for a night on the town- and these moustache loafers are sensational!

So Summer here I come! As you can see Autograph have totally smashed it this season, I'm going to be cute, dressed up and ready to rock!

Do you have go-to outfits you wear for certain things?
How do you prepare for Summer?

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  1. I haven't heard of Autograph before. Some really nice pieces!! Pity it's so cold my side of the world because I want to be lying on a beach right now. haha :) Great post.x



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