8 Jan 2014

OOTD: Festive outfits round-up

Happy new year! Happy Christmas! HAPPY FESTIVE SEASON SHENANIGANS!!
With all that has been happening the last few months I've been a bit blogging AWOL. I figure my best way to get back on track is to give you a festive season outfit rundown! I love getting frocked up for the silly season. You get to look pretty, eat loads of food, drink far too much and give and receive presents- love it!!


Dress: Modcloth
Hair Garland: Lovisa
Thongs: Crocs

Christmas Day is always the hardest to dress for. I weigh up that cuteness/comfort factor. I know I'm going to be doing lots of wandering and walking and loads of eating- so a stretchy outfit and comfy shoes are a must! I know they are pretty much the ugliest things in the world, but I adore my Croc thongs. You can't go past that soft and squishy sole- they keep my happy on my feet all day long!

I knew the minute I opened it that this dress would be my Christmas dress. Its got a very structured cut, but is made from a soft stretchy polyester that is surprisingly breathable. I felt cute and summery all day long!



Flats: Target
Necklace: ASOS
Clutch: Kate Hill

What is not to love about this dress?! Rainbows, sparkles and polkadots!! The cut runs a little on the large side though- this was the 3X and I could have easily worn the 2X. Its on sale for under $30 right now and I'm so tempted to get the smaller size! I always get so many compliments on it- its bright and super eye catching! Plus its a great Summer weight that was easy to wear all day! Bonus!


Dress: City Chic
Belt: ASOS Curve
Flats: Target
Side Bag: eQuip

Ahhhh NYE. I busted out an old favourite for our big night out. We bought tickets to an 'all you can drink' NYE gala and yes, it got a little messy. On nights like this, I always dress with the notion that accidental crutch flashing could occur. This dress never ceases to be a stunner and keep me modest. The shape is gorgeous and sits in a way that I know it will look nice all night long. Plus the contrasting satin and velvet material adds a new dimension to it. Then glam it it up with some bling and banging eyemakeup and I'm ready to rock!

How do you dress up for the silly season?? 


  1. Love the /Christmas -Outfit/ !You look adorable ;)

  2. I love all these outfits! Gorgeous!

  3. Adorable. You have such a killer smile! That last picture is heart warming :)

  4. I totally agree with the way you described the season about dressing up, eating, drinking and giving gifts, such a great time of the year! But yeah I have to say all your outfits are amazing and think all of them are great. But I have to say I really love your NYE dress it's super gorgeous, its a great little black dress.


  5. You always wear super pretty dresses, I am so jealous! xx

  6. I love your post, thanks for sharing! :) Btw, you have a pretty blog!
    Kissed from Serbia,


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