17 Jan 2013

Fatshion Faceoff: Knitted Jumper

I love this top. It has the whole woolen, knitted/comfy look, but its actually quite thin and super light. And perfect for this weeks Fatshion Faceoff on the warmer side of the world!

Skirt: City Chic
Stockings: We Love Colors
Ring: Clothes swap
Earrings: Vintage markets
Shoes: Rubi
Headband: Diva

My love affair with 80's inspired fashion is no secret on this blog. Channeling a little Cindi Lauper or retro Madonna makes me feel like an instant rock star. Now, as much I would like to be wearing cone bras and hot pink tulle mini-skirts to the shopping center, it sure gets a whole lot of stares. Instead, I get more sedate 80's style fix by mixing bold colours with clashing textures and flowy tops with figure hugging bottoms.

Of course, I can't resist adding pink pops of colour! These Rubi Shoes flats come in about 30 different colours and are the best for adding some punch.

Pop and over and check out all the Fatshion Faceoff babes in their knitted jumpers! 

Dani from DIY Fatshion
Mouna from Brussels Fatshion
Mhairi from Lilybobombs


  1. A bit of 80's style never goes a miss! :D
    Awesome outfit doll.



  2. I totally love 80's fashion as well, maybe not every single aspect of 80's fashion but the Like a Virgin/Desperately Seeking Susan Madonna era I just can't get enough of. I rarely have an excuse to wear my 80's-esque lace gloves and excessive amount of bangles but when I use to go out dancing I use to dress like a 80's dancing queen all the time (I need to resurrect my dancing queen career). You look scrumptious as always Liv, I love the hot pink shoes and that purse is too adorable, I live for crossbody purses!


  3. Aww I love this look. ^^<3 So cute and the knit is adorable. ^^v
    That baggie looks so `vintage` and pretty. ^^<3 MMxoxo

  4. Love the pops of pink. I like that you incorporate a little 80s to your outfits. :)

  5. You are so cute as always :) really like the little pink touches with this too, the headband and shoes really pop!

  6. once again you are so cute! i know i always say that but its true! :) i love the jumper and the pink ballerinas, you look great! :)



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