4 Jan 2012

Holiday Diary #5: Paris Shenanigans

Post Written in: Paris
Next Stop: Amsterdam
(Current Location: Bath, UK)

I know I have been very blog absent lately and I want to give a huge thank-you to all you loyal readers who have still been commenting and following me on our adventure! Our Holiday of Awesome hit a very sad note a few days back: my iPhone was stolen. After my initial hysteria (and blubbering, teary phone calls home) calmed, I realised that, ultimately, it's just an object- AND I'M IN AMSTERDAM!!! So the party went on- even if it had to be without Instagram updates :(

Prior to all this Amsterdam messiness (post to come in the next few days ;), we spent an amazing week in Paris! Our insanely excellent Contiki European Discovery tour finished up on Christmas Eve and we checked into our own hotel right near the Eiffel Tower! Here is a few of my favourite things (and happy snaps) of what we got up to!

- Had an awesome last night out with the rad people we met on Contiki
- Caught up on sleep after a non-stop 2 week Contiki tour!!!
- Visited the Arc De Triomphe
- Went to the top of the Eiffel Tower!
- Saw the bones of over 6 million bodies in the Paris Catacombes

- Were amazed by the Notre Dame cathedral
- Spent Christmas Day strolling around Paris and the epic Christmas Markets
- Had Christmas dinner with some of the Contiki crew who were still in Paris and ate some authentic French food, including escargot!
- Visited Napoleon's Tomb

- Spent a very naughty evening getting up to mischief in Montmartre and the famous Museum of Erotic Art
- Explored The Louvre for an entire day and still didn't see it all! (two of these piccies not taken by me- these were some of the photos that got stolen on my phone)

After this epic week of fabulousness we then headed on to Disneyland Paris- a post in itself!!! :)


  1. beautiful photos, amazing art

  2. I got your postcard and I smiled!!! Love you and thank you !!!!

    1. yayyyyyy!!!! I picked that one specially for you!!! :) xx

  3. So jealous! hope you are having an amazing time :)

  4. i`m really gettin jelly here now! XD
    been to all these places but...wanna go again!
    amazing picciage!! ^^<3
    so sorry to hear about ur phone tho. =(
    enjoy the rest of your hols anyhoops hun! <3
    fantastic! ^^/ and happy new year! MMxoxo

  5. Jerks stole your phone!!Grrr...but don't let them bring you down pretty lady!

    So many amazing pics - I really want to visit the Paris Catacombs - but I am a little creepy;)

  6. Aww, I'm so sorry to hear your iphone was stolen, that is never fun.

    I love the pictures! Paris at Christmas must be heaven. It sounds like you are having the time of your life! That is a huge thing of candy floss lol wow, and I love the pink outfit you have in the partay' pictures - you look lovely in pink.

    I can't wait to see pictures of Disneyland Paris, I've never seen pictures from there! I hope you continue to have a fabulous vacation, hopefully no more blips like the stolen phone.


  7. I can't believe your iphone got stolen, how horrible! Hopefully insurance will cover it when you get home you can sort all that boring stuff out, glad you're still enjoying your holiday :)

    Love all the Paris pics, beautiful! And looking forward very much to the Disneyland post :)


  8. What a trip! Sorry about your phone but I'm glad you're still out there having loads of fun! x

  9. I love paris,nice pics!!!i invite you to visit my blog and if you like it to follow me from google friendster and i Willemstad be' happy to follow you
    A_C'est moi

  10. I love that picture with you and the giant cotton candy. YUM!

    - Marisa <3


  11. That is horrible someone stole your phone! Glad you're ok. These pictures are fabulous. I love the one you took by the Eiffel tower and cotton candy. You look too cute! Thanks for sharing these.


  12. thanks for the comment , would love you to follow my blog if u like it?

  13. I have quietly been stalking your trip since it started.. so sorry to hear that you lost your phone, but hey, like you said - just an object that can be replaced ;) It looks like you're having SO much fun, what an adventure! ;)

  14. beautiful photos..seems like a great time! I'm so jealous..wish I could take a trip to Paris now too!!

  15. These photos are amazing! Sounds like you're having the best time!!!

  16. what a wonderdul new year for u! so glad you enjoyed it girl!!

    happy new year!!!


  17. you had a great time travelling!! great pictures :)) congratsss!! do drop by @ my blog and lemme know what u feel abt my latest posts & lets follow eachother thru GFC & bloglovin if u like:))



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