30 Nov 2011

My Christmas List

Danielle from Five Little Reasons, recently tagged me in her blog post 'All I want for Christmas..My top 5' and asked me what my Christmas list would have on it.  Now, given that our epic holiday of awesomeness is planned over the festive season this year, I have done NO CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, or even thought about what I wanted (apart of course from piles of spending money!). So with much deliberation here the top 5 things on my Chrissy list this year:

1) ASOS Curve Skater Dress 

So, I'm pretty sure this fabulous dress is made for me! It is my style, my neckline, my cut and MY COLOUR! Now, if only it was mine....

2) Nude by Nature Starter Kit

My make-up regime is in desperate need of an overhaul! I have quite sensitive skin so have been lusting after this full starter kit from Nude by Nature; flawless make-up free from chemicals- yes please!!! :)

3) ASOS Pepper and Sequin and Suede Peep Toes

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! As if you couldn't totally see me rocking these sexy babies!!! If only they felt as comfortable as Crocs......

4) Vespa LX 150

Okay, so I know this is a long shot, but it's been on Christmas wish lists for as long as I can remember! Please Santa, I've been such a good girl!!!

5) EOS 5D Mark II Canon SLR

I want a Canon SLR sooooo bad! If it weren't for epic-holiday-of-fabulousness I would have picked one up earlier this year. I love the amazing high quality pictures these take and the super fastness of them swoooonnnnnn

6) Monif C Monaco Runched Swimmers

I know it's only meant to be five things, but I adore these togs! I would love to carve up the beaches and sunbake away the summer in these fabulous swimmers!

Now to pass this list on to some other fabulous bloggers:

Nat from Extra Large as Life
Stef from If Curves Could Talk
Trees from Adventures of a Girl from the Naki
Anita from Thick Threads
Mamma Moon from That's Curvalicious!

What is on your Christmas list ladies?????


  1. First of all - there are SIX items. Hope you have been a good girl!

    Secondly. I have a 50d - start with one of them and spend the extra $$ on a good lens. Don't get the "kit" lenses. I have an 18-200 and LOVE it.

    Thirdly. That first dress is DEVINE! Pity I still have a phobia of sleeveless! :(

  2. Love, love the pink dress.
    Weel everything, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. The dress and the pumps are rocking, so chic and sexy.

  4. Fabulous christmas list, I absolutely love the pink skater dress! The color is gorgeous and I love the neckline as well, I hope you get it and I know you'll look fabulous in it. Those heels are quite cute too, they are the kind of shoes I'd stare at lovingly and never actually wear - I have a lazy footwear attitude. That is the cutest Vespa, you don't see many purple Vespa's zipping around!

    I need a new camera too, mine is from 2004 or something and dies after taking 10-15 pictures. It only has an 8.0 megapixel, bah. I haven't done my X-Mas shopping for my little sisters yet and I have no idea what to get them...grrr.

    Anywho I hope you get all you want for Christmas this year. I would like a camera, a playstation 3, video games, clothes, new house... ya know hehe, the list is long.


  5. great wish list. love the dress

  6. Those shoes are amazing!


  7. Xoxoxo mama! Great list ! and thank you for the tag!!

  8. HAHA! These are great! You did well picking stuff out! I'll have to start with a starter Canon! LOL They are truly amazing cameras! Love that dress and heels. Both would look amazing on you. Hope you're having an awesome day! :D

  9. That dress is absolutely YOU! You must must must get it!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  10. Hells Yeah I LOVE those togs!!! Maybe I should get some for my trip to Thailand...hummm....

    Oh and thanks for tagging me! I will have to get onto it this weekend :D

  11. Great list!! That dress will be purrrfect on you and gosh, I`ve been wanting a Canon EOS camera for ages too! Think I have to wait for my next birthday for that. XD
    Thankies for the tag! Am working on my list right now. ^^d MMxoxo

  12. your xmas list rules! i want the canon and the monif c swimsuit too! but on my list it would have to be on a miracle list! haha im so broke :(. hope your xmas wishes come true darlin! thanks so much for tagging me! :D you rule so much!


  13. Nice picks! I'll take one of each also :) love just about anything from asos! I wish upon a star...want,want,want with asos.com. I need a new camera too! quite an investment that I always seem to drop and break ugh! really enjoy your blog!

  14. LOVE the pink dress.. ASOS is always good in my book. I think you need the shoes to go with the dress ;)

    Maybe santa will deliver some of your items!!!



  15. LOVE those heels. I was totally eyeing them up the other day. =)

    - Marisa <3


  16. Turns out, as always, you and I agree on pretty much everything. WANT that swimsuit. BADLY.

  17. I think that's the cutest swimsuit I've EVER seen!

  18. DUDE that swimsuit is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. And that vespa too, I'm a total mod inside. :-D Gorgeous stuff!


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